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Turbocharged 2004 Pontiac GTO - What a Drag!
By James Miles
Photography: Thomas A. DeMauro​

All projects start with one common theme: the purchase of a car. New or used, the only difference is in how we go about upgrading it. For Ken Cranmer, a Brick, New Jersey, resident, his choice of an '04 GTO was an obvious one. "I bought the car to drive and race," he says, "and because I liked the new body design."

Ken's purpose for this exercise was to build a quick drag car that he could still drive on the street; and he did. The GTO has always been a performer, and Ken's is no exception, ultimately proving its value by running a recent best of 9.77 in the quarter-mile at 141 mph. But, of course, it didn't come from the factory like this. Rather it came with the expertise of Cartek, in Garwood, New Jersey. With little more than a goal in mind, Ken gave Cartek's Dave Busch a ring.

High Performance Pontiac Magazine

(Click the above link for the full story)​
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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