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I am hosting a BBQ this weekend in Everett, Washington and all Pacific Northwest GTO owners are invited.

We currently have over 20 cars attending!!!!

Saturday May 17th, 2008


10011 3rd Ave SE
Unit G
Everett, WA 98208

What... We will have a host of American Muscle and and a BBQ would not be complete without a Goat or 10 or 12.

We will have free;
coffee, donuts, cookies for the early birds and BBQ and beverages in the afternoon.

There will be free Hot Wheels cars for the kids too.

So bring your ride, friends, and family and share in the eats and our passion for our American rides.

The weather is suppose to be hot and sunny and it would be a great meeting place to take off on a sunny evening cruise.

Just reply with how many are coming with you...

AKA Jason Lasswell

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Guest List
  1. perfectwave
  2. Butweet and Mrs. Weet
  3. BigDog425
  4. Hankster
  5. NySyStR
  6. LowGo
  7. Dwight-Mandy
  8. The Sapper Man Can
  9. Tattooed and family plus one dog
  10. Chillin and Family
  11. Slim's Magnum
  12. boogie
  13. Fawn (maybe)
  14. x_HAWAII RT
  15. jancyn and family
  16. Biscuit
  17. BHINDA8
  18. Remrene (maybe)
  19. mediamonkey11
  20. teamo
  21. ThePlague
  22. mofoninja
  23. WBGlider
  24. Joe Incognito
  25. Saiko 56
PLus a number of cars not on the official list...!

Come on out and have some fun with Brother and Sister gear heads...

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