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You should be able to upload to the gallery from your computer, on the top right tool bar in the gallery look for an icon that says "upload pictures". After uploading, expand the thumb nail to full size. The gallery automatically sizes the pictures to 600 pixels wide for posting in the forum. Right click on the picture, select properties and then copy and paste the picture's url to your post. You will have to add the img tags
to the front and end of the picture.

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Thankyou Sir

BigJim said:
ok thanks. I was just wondering b/c when I get my 05 I want to upload some pics.

WOW :) I couldnt find the lil guy to the right with his eyes bugging out showing my expression of those beautiful pics of Cosmo Purple.

THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU. BIGJIM.. thats very nice of you to post those pics. I have found an automatic that im going to see on Monday they were shutting down early today SO Monday i will be over to look at that Cosmo Purple car. I LOVE the interior. great pic of it too and its the same as the one im going to look at. the pic is automatic too i noticed.

But really thankyou, this site is the nicest ive ever seen and believe me i've joined a few in my time with cars. Many Corvette sites, but you guys are the BEST!

Cant wait to list and show pics of my new car, hope its the Cosmo now. wonder what aftermarket wheels will look the best on it? I want to add the hood that in todays thread on here.. NICE hood.

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